ceka cafeCeka Café welcomes you to sit down to enjoy a magnificent coffee or dessert.

Any appetite can be satisfied, from children to adults. The ambiance is friendly and warm, and the style is an elegant one.

Come here and experience delicious food and a cozy atmosphere, where every client feels like being part of one big family.

Our team is composed of trained and experience people, who help us to achieve our goals in delivering a first class service to our client. With committed and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about cuisine, there’s no doubt about the fact that we can create the best atmosphere and great services. Ceka’s team have not only shaped the direction of Ceka Café, but they have also transformed Ceka into a place that blooms into relaxation and great feelings.

Ceka is about passion for making the best drinks and desserts for your preferred taste – whether it’s tea, coffee, smoothies, a slice of chocolate cake, a cupcake and so on – we will make sure you are coming back for more! As you can see, besides making amazing drinks, we bake savory treats and homemade sweet. Just perfect for you and your friends or family!

This place was opened with the goal of creating a ‘small town cafe’ vibe with a family friendly environment, combined with a more intimate dining experience.

We saw the need for providing a great coffee place, but we also wanted to provide a larger menu to encourage people to try different desserts each time they come in, and it’s been very successful.

We are grateful for our loyal guests and we really wouldn’t change a thing.

We have a cozy atmosphere, perfect for catching up with friends or just for studying. We love good food, good coffee and good friends, because once you come to Ceka Café you are definitely a friend!